First liaison meeting with PHOEBE and SOTERIA

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In the V4SAFETY project various stakeholders and experts collaborate on the development and demonstration of a predictive safety assessment framework, with the intention to accelerate the increase of roadsafety in Europe. V4SAFFETY also intends to collaborate with the other projects in this horizoneurope call; SOTERIA EU Project and PHOEBE Project.

In today’s liaison meeting, it became clear that V4SAFETY, SOTERIA and PHOEBE are highly ambitious and cover, each in their own way, a relevant part of the research asked for in this horizoneu call.

V4SAFETY mainly takes the perspective of the motorized vehicle and will set up a framework for the assessment of in-vehicle safety solutions, regulatorysolutions and infrastructure based solutions that intend to increase the safety of vulnerable road users (vru) . Already several linking pins between the projects have been identified.

On behalf of V4SAFETY Olaf Op den Camp (Technical Project Lead, TNO) and Sanne van Gils-Goedee (Dissemination Manager & WP7 lead, SWOV Road Safety Research) contributed to this promising first meeting.