Stakeholder Network

V4SAFETY identified two main groups of stakeholders:

- Stakeholders applying and using the framework

- Stakeholders realising the framework

Simulation tools providers

Simulation tool providers are linked as stakeholder network partners, so the V4SAFETY results can be embedded in most common simulation tools and are available to all stakeholders.

  • SIEMENS Industry Software Netherlands
  • Eclipse Foundation Europe
  • Dr. Steffan Datentechnik
  • AVL List
  • ESI Group
  • DYNAmore - an Ansys company
  • IPG Automotive

Stakeholder network partners

The network of stakholders will be extended to make use of the available professional networks of the project partners, the members of the Advisory Board and the current stakeholder network partners.

The long-term impact will be enhances by providing the project outcomes tot he relevant ISO standardisation working groups (e.g. P.E.A.R.S.). The impact of the project will be optimised by disseminating the results to a wide audience. WP7 will address stakeholder consultation and the dissemination and exploitation of results.