Advancing towards improving road safety

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How can simulation be used in type approval effectively? How can it help authorities decide on safety measures to reduce traffic accidents? How can we ensure safety assessments are comparable? These are key questions the V4SAFETY partners are addressing.

Our 4th General Assembly was hosted by Chalmers University in Gothenburg last week. Jointly, we celebrated our positive halftime review (last April in Brussels).
With a draft framework and core results in hand, we’re shifting focus outward: did we create the right framework for our stakeholders and create it correctly? We’ve identified 25 user groups and will develop instructions to serve this variety of users with the V4SAFETY prospective safety assessment framework.

We’ll continue refining the framework, baseline approaches, simulation structures, and human modelling. Additionally, we’ll provide comprehensive guidelines for each framework step, from defining the evaluation scope to projecting results, and ensuring transparent reporting of assessments.

Stay tuned for more updates as we advance towards improving road safety through innovative simulation methodologies!