Summary Report RTR2024

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The 7th edition of the European Conference on the Results from Road Transport Research (#RTR2024) took place 5-7 February 2024 in Brussels. A total of 76 EU-funded projects were presented during 26 parallel sessions. The presentations gave the final outcomes from numerous Horizon 2020 projects, providing a glimpse into a promising future for road mobility. Further, attendees were introduced to new results for the recent Horizon Europe funded projects.

The session on “Crash protection and collision avoidance” (page 43-45) focussed on road safety as an important field of action in the Clean and Digital Transport Transition, also constituting the first expected societal impact of the CCAM Partnership. Consequently, Anca Paşca, as the moderator of this session on behalf of the EC, reminded the participants of the still enormous number of about 20,000 EU road fatalities per year, about half of them being occupants of motor vehicles. Three projects were presented in this session following the ambition of providing new solutions to avoid road crashes, mitigate their consequences and assess the effectiveness of safety measures.

In this Summary Report, the moderators of each session briefly explain what was presented by each project’s representative and provide a summary of the discussions and conclusions from their session. For more information, the recording of each session can be accessed by clicking on the YouTube logo next to the session title.