A holistic approach to road safety: tools, frameworks and digital solutions

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Join us in Lisbon for the 15th ITS European Congress 2023 – the leading event for smarter mobility and transport solutions. The 2023 ITS European Congress is proudly organised by our project partner ERTICO – ITS EUROPE, and hosted by Lisbon.

An increasingly densely populated urban space has negative impacts on urban traffic flows of all mobility types. Denser and unsafe traffic situations lead to a significant number of (fatal) accidents in inner cities across Europe. Therefore, many stakeholder groups, such as authorities, automotive industry, public transport providers, city administrations, research organizations, and NGOs, are debating how urban streets can be a safer environment for everybody, in alignment with the EU target to prevent 50% of injuries and fatalities by 2030. The panel discussion will focus on how technology, transport modelling, ITS and infrastructure solutions can enhance the safety of road users, vehicles and vulnerable road users in urban areas. Speakers from three EU projects from the same ‘Horizon Europe’ call will discuss What are currently the main challenges of urban road safety? How can innovative tools, frameworks and digital solutions help to enhance road safety?

The panel, consisting of the three Horizon Europe sister projects, will discuss the challenges of urban road safety and highlight the innovative solutions that are being developed by the three projects, especially focusing on the digitalisation of several mobility actors and that enable data-driven urban safety intelligence.

The aim of the V4SAFETY project is to accelerate the introduction of safety solutions by deploying a reliable safety assessment framework using virtual simulations to serve both industry and governments.

Akrivi Vivian Kiousi | SOTERIA project
Monica Olyslagers | PHOEBE project
Olaf Op den Camp | V4SAFETY project
Moderated by Suzanne Hoadley (POLIS).

Session details
SIS 54 ‘A holistic approach to road safety: tools, frameworks and digital solutions’
Date, time, location: Wednesday 24 May 2023 | 14:00 - 15:00 | Room 5B
Type: Technical Programme - Digitalisation and the data value chain

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