First stakeholder consultation workshop

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Traffic is changing rapidly, bringing new mobility solutions and travel patterns. In parallel we see safety solutions developed at an unprecedented pace to avoid and mitigate crashes. There is thus a need for more rapid methods for assessing a range of road safety solutions, and for methods to assess both pre- and post-crash solutions, and combinations of these.

The main objective of the V4SAFETY project (Vehicles and VRU Virtual eValuation of Road Safety) is to provide a comprehensive framework for simulation-based safety assessment to determine the long-term performance and impact of road safety solutions (ranging from in-vehicle technologies, infrastructure solutions to regulations that influence road user behaviour, both VRUs and drivers).

The V4SAFETY framework will include guidelines and procedures to project the results in future scenarios and over EU regions for use by policy makers, authorities and consumer organizations. These will be co-created in the project with representatives of the different stakeholder groups realizing, applying and using the framework, in order to design a harmonised method that provides accurate, transparent, relevant and comparable results, and facilitates the widespread use of the framework.

On the 24th of April the V4SAFETY project will hold its first Stakeholder Consultation Workshop virtually. The purpose of this workshop is primarily to receive feedback on the initial selection of use cases and validate the current selection. Which road users are involved, which human models, which baselines? Secondly the workshop will also be an opportunity for the other work packages to raise specific questions on their proposed approach and intended output.

Representatives of the different stakeholder groups realizing, applying and using the V4SAFETY framework for simulation-based safety assessment are personally invited to participate.